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We are pleased to announce that the Application Center is open!

To provide a more efficient and enhanced experience for the submission of incentive applications, the BGE Energy Solutions for Business program has launched a new online application system.

Effective immediately, the old PDF/Excel-based applications will no longer be available on the website. Legacy applications (PDF and Excel based applications) will not be accepted after March 31, 2015.

*The Application Center currently allows online submissions for the following project types:

All other projects must be submitted using the PDF/Excel-based applications located below. HVAC systems (Unitary HVAC, VFDs, Chillers and Geothermal) will be added to the Application Center in the near future.

Type A Linear LED Lamps Announcement      T

Effective immediately, all applications for electronic-ballast driven linear LED lamps (also known as Type A TLEDs) require the installation of a new, compatible energy efficient CEE-listed ballast. Though Type A TLEDs are designed to function with the existing linear ballast allowing for a straightforward installation process, the performance of the lamp is dependent on the condition and age of the existing ballast. Therefore, for the purpose of optimum efficiency, the Energy Solutions for Business Program has introduced this above new electronic ballast requirement.

New Applications      T

All new applications will necessitate the installation of a new, compatible energy efficient CEE-listed ballast to be eligible for incentives.

Previously Submitted Applications      T

All applications submitted prior to this notification are eligible for incentives without this requirement. Applications will be processed in accordance to the terms and conditions in place at the time of submission. Projects requiring pre-approval will be provided 6 months to complete the project and submit all remaining. Absolutely no extensions will be granted.

All program and technical requirements must be fulfilled to qualify for an incentive.

Summary of Qualifying Linear LED Lamps      T

Incentives for linear LED lamps are limited to the following lamp types:

  • Type A - LED lamps powered by a T8 fluorescent electronic ballast - Must install a new, compatible energy efficient CEE-listed ballast.
  • Type C - LED lamps powered by an external LED driver.

As a reminder, the EmPOWER Maryland Utilities (Baltimore Gas & Electric Company, Potomac Electric Power Company, Delmarva Power & Light Company, Potomac Edison Company and Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative Inc.) do not provide EmPOWER Maryland Program incentives for Type B linear LED lamps (TLEDs).These lamps contain an internal driver which is connected directly to line voltage.Hybrid linear LED lamps that have the capability to perform as either a Type A lamp or a Type B lamp are also not eligible for incentives.

Energy Solutions for Business

Lighting and Controls

Apply using the ​Application Center

  • Retrofit Lighting
  • New Construction Performance Lighting
    • Lighting Technical Sheet provides a list of the incentive offering, technical requirements and information on how to enter the equipment into the Application Center.


Commercial Kitchen, Refrigeration, Appliance & Plug Load Equipment

Apply using the ​Application Center


Apply using the ​Application Center

Technical Services

Comprehensive New Construction


Terms & Conditions (for Application Center submissions)

Building Tune-Up Program

Small Building Tune-up Services

Enhanced Unitary HVAC Maintenance

Large Building Tune-up Services

Service Providers

Energy Solutions for Business

Building Tune-up Program


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