Energy Solutions for Business FAQs

Eligibility and Participation

1. Who can participate in the Energy Solutions for Business program?

The offer to participate in BGE’s Energy Solutions for Business Program is open to non-residential BGE electric customers regardless of their electric supplier. Participation in the Energy Solutions for Business Program offerings is determined by a customer’s rate schedule. The rate schedule is published on each customer’s monthly bill. Before starting a project, check your bill for your rate schedule and then use the table below to determine which offering your business is eligible to participate in. Additional details on eligibility can be found in the Terms and Conditions section of BGE’s Energy Solutions for Business applications.

BGE Smart Energy Savers Program






Small Business Energy Solutions X X      
Energy Solutions for Business X X X X X
Building Tune-up X X X X X
Combined Heat and Power X X X X X

2. How do I sign up for the program?

Applications for Energy Solutions for Business can be found here.

3. Are incentives available for measures that are not explicitly covered by the Energy Solutions for Business prescriptive measures?

Electric energy-efficient equipment that is not included on the prescriptive application forms may be considered as a Custom measure. In general, this equipment must exceed the prescriptive requirements, not be required by Maryland energy code and not be considered standard industry practice. The proposed project or equipment must have verifiable electric energy savings and pass the program cost effectiveness criteria. Contact BGE’s Smart Energy Savers Program team for questions regarding specific measures and technical assistance, if needed.

4. How do I determine what energy efficiency measures are right for my facility?

Local Service Providers can help you identify which measures are right for your facility. Service Providers for BGE’s Energy Solutions for Business Program received training on all of the measures included in the Energy Solutions for Business Program.

5. Are engineering studies required for participation in the Energy Solutions for Business Program?

Not always. Engineering studies are not required for prescriptive measures; however, custom measures do require the calculation of estimated project costs and energy usage prior to submitting the Custom Incentives Application for pre-approval. Generally, a Service Provider can assist you in preparing the application. If you need more detailed engineering services, BGE has a list of pre-qualified engineering firms that can provide technical assistance. BGE will pay 50% of the engineering costs up to $20,000 when the customer hires one of these firms.

6. We are receiving a grant for the energy efficiency improvement. Does this prevent us from being considered for a BGE incentive?

No; however, the grant plus a BGE incentive total cannot be more than the cost of the energy efficiency improvement project.

7. Does Energy Solutions for Business offer free energy audits?

Energy audits are the responsibility of the customer. BGE’s Energy Solutions for Business team can offer a review of products to ensure program requirements are met. Some Service Providers may offer free energy audits as part of their proposal.

8. My company has a Curtailable Service Provider that participates in PJM’s Reliability Pricing Model (RPM) auction. Can I still participate in BGE’s energy efficiency programs?

Customers who already have Curtailable Service Providers for capacity or energy commitments with PJM’s RPM auction for Demand Response may continue these commitments and participate in BGE’s programs. Since PJM considers BGE’s programs to be an Energy Efficiency Resource and not a Demand Resource, the rules for having a single Demand Resource per site do not apply.

9. Can my company offer the energy and capacity benefits associated with these energy efficiency measures into PJM’s Reliability Pricing Model auction?

BGE is entitled to 100% of the energy and capacity benefits that are installed as part of this program and reserves the right to commit these energy efficiency savings into PJM’s energy, capacity, and reserve auctions. Therefore, customers who decide to install energy efficiency measures and offer these energy efficiency savings into the PJM auction on their own are not eligible to receive incentives from BGE for those measures. Customers should carefully review the benefits of participating in PJM’s auction or receiving direct incentives from BGE’s energy efficiency programs.

10. Am I required to use a specific contractor to participate in the program?

You are not required to use a specific contractor to install energy-efficient equipment at your facility. Customers are free to select their own contractors or use in-house staff; however, any party submitting an application other than the BGE customer and/or installing measures applied for on Energy Solutions for Business applications must submit and be approved as an Energy Solutions for Business Service Provider. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the application.

Prior to submitting new Prescriptive or Custom applications, all Service Providers are required to submit a Service Provider application and wait for approval. If you have not yet submitted an application, please review the requirements to become a participating Service Provider before submitting the Service Provider application online.

11. Is BGE offering any type of commercial financing for customers who are unable to pay their portion of the costs of acceptable measures?

No. This is not part of the program.