Small Business Energy Solutions

  • Save up to 80% on energy-efficient lighting and refrigeration controls upgrades.
  • Get a fast return on your investment.
  • Enhance customer experience and improve employee productivity.

The BGE Small Business Energy Solutions Program helps small business owners and small nonprofit organizations manage energy costs and maintain a competitive edge. If you own or operate a small nonprofit or a small business, such as a delicatessen, drycleaner, convenience store, florist or café, this program can help you reduce costs while improving the quality of your lighting.


  • On-site energy analysis of your business’s energy use.
  • Simple, cost-effective options and easy-to-follow recommendations to help you manage your lighting, refrigeration, cooling and related expenses.
  • Financial incentives that cover up to 80% of the total cost of most lighting and refrigeration controls retrofit projects.
  • No Out-of-Pocket Outlay means that for many projects you can spread the remaining 20% cost contribution over 12 monthly payments on your BGE bill through our no-interest Small Business Energy Advance.
  • Prequalified contractors to perform the work and simplify the process.
  • Equipment installation at your convenience.
  • Removal and environmentally friendly disposal of old fluorescent lamps and ballasts.
  • Fast return on investment.
  • Contractor-provided Opportunity Checklist that outlines potential projects eligible for incentives through BGE’s Energy Solutions for Business Program.


Participation is easy! The program is open to all BGE small business and small nonprofit customers who have an average monthly billing demand of 60 kilowatts or less (Rate Schedule G and GS), regardless of your gas and/or electricity supplier. (To determine your rate schedule, look under the “Electric Details” section of your BGE bill.)

Program Contractors

To participate in this program, you must contact the approved BGE program contractor assigned to your geographic area.

County Contractor Telephone Email
Anne Arundel
Prince George's
C&J Contractor 301.549.3535 smallbusinessenergysolutions@
Baltimore City Facility Solutions Group 888.653.5328 smallbusinessenergysolutions@
Baltimore County SmartWatt 443.873.3670 smallbusinessenergysolutions@
Matrix 800.556.2123 smallbusinessenergysolutions@

If you have a business, such as a restaurant or convenience store, that has refrigeration or other cooling-related needs, contact the approved BGE program contractor listed below.

County Contractor Telephone Email
All Counties National Resource Management 855.686.3455 smallbusinessenergysolutions@

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