Refrigerator Rebate

Apply online for faster processing, or print and mail in your rebate application. There are two rebates to choose from:

  • Get a $100 rebate on the purchase of an ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerator rated 15% better than the federal standard.
  • Get a $150 rebate on the purchase of a super-efficient ENERGY STAR certified model with an efficiency rating 20% better than the federal standard.
Apply Online for a Rebate

Click here to see if your model qualifies for a rebate. Models listed as Tier 2 on the first page qualify for $100 and models listed as Tier 3 on the second page qualify for $150. Compact refrigerator models (refrigerators 10 cubic feet and under) are not eligible for either rebate.

On average, a 15-year old refrigerator uses twice as much energy as a new ENERGY STAR refrigerator. By properly recycling your old refrigerator and replacing it with a new ENERGY STAR certified model, you could save up to $260 and reduce your carbon footprint by as much as 9,800 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over the next five years.

Renters and Landlords

If you are a renter or landlord applying for an appliance rebate, you may need to send in an additional form with your appliance rebate, or you may need to use a different form altogether. Learn More.