Ask an Energy Coach

You’ve got questions—we have answers! Our independent Energy Coaches are home performance experts ready to put their expertise to work for you. This no additional cost service makes it easy to request prompt, courteous help tailored to your specific needs.

Here are just a few of the things an Energy Coach can discuss with you:

The Basics

  • Understanding the entire home performance process from start to finish
  • Diagnosing your home’s specific comfort and energy-related problems
  • Helping you understand whether you could benefit from a home energy audit
  • How to schedule a home energy audit

How to Maximize your Energy Savings

  • Understanding your energy audit report and Prioritized List of Measures
  • Prioritizing the costs versus benefits of these comfort-enhancing, energy-saving home improvements
  • Providing unbiased consultation and contractor neutral opinions for completing upgrade work
  • Selecting from the different types of approved auditors and contractors based on your needs

After the Audit

  • Understanding common industry terms and definitions
  • Referrals to other energy-saving programs
  • Exploring financing options
  • Frequently asked questions

For the quickest response, simply ask your question in the form below.

Or you can reach our Energy Coaches directly at 833.261.1246 or email us.