Want to save energy but not sure where to start? Our technical services help you identify and evaluate energy-saving opportunities for your business’s unique circumstances. Technical services are available on a limited basis for the following types of projects:

  • New Construction
  • Major Renovations
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Efficiency Upgrades to Existing Equipment and Processes

Take advantage of co-funding of up to 50% of the cost of approved engineering studies and up to 75% of the cost of commissioning complex custom measures, with a cap of $20,000 per project.

How It Works

For existing facilities, a BGE-approved architectural/engineering firm will visit your facility and help you either identify new energy-saving opportunities or analyze previously identified opportunities.

For new construction or major renovation projects, a Service Provider will support your design team to evaluate multiple energy efficiency options.

Note that Technical Services are required if you wish to take advantage of incentives for Comprehensive Systems for existing buildings and the Comprehensive Design track for new construction projects.