What is thermostat optimization?

Thermostat optimization is a process that uses data from your smart thermostat to learn how your home reacts to various weather conditions. With these insights, your smart thermostat can automatically make adjustments that are customized for your home. As a result, you can enjoy increased comfort and energy savings all year long.

Doesn't my smart thermostat already optimize my settings?

While smart thermostats do typically help increase your energy efficiency, the BGE Thermostat Optimization Program fine tunes your smart thermostat settings to make it even more efficient, saving energy while still keeping you comfortable.

Is there a cost to participate in BGE's Thermostat Optimization Program?

There is no additional charge to participate in this program.

Is my thermostat eligible?

See a list of qualifying thermostats. If your thermostat is not currently listed, complete this form so we can update you if your thermostat is added to the list.

What energy savings can I expect if I enroll in BGE’s Thermostat Optimization Program?

Your energy savings will depend on several factors, such as your thermostat schedule, your home's construction and your HVAC equipment. You can typically expect to save up to 3%* on the heating and cooling portion of your energy bills, in addition to the savings attributed to just the smart thermostat. Energy savings are attributed to customer schedules and may exceed this in some cases.

*Source: SMECO Smart Thermostat Pilot, 2018.

What if I need to change my settings?

You can adjust your smart thermostat settings at any time.

What do I need to do once enrolled in BGE's Thermostat Optimization Program?

Simply ensure that each qualifying smart thermostat in your home is programmed on a schedule. Schedules tell your thermostat what temperature to keep your house, based on the times you are home, away or asleep each day. Scheduling higher temperature settings in the summer (and lower in the winter) when you're away from home can help you save more energy. You can create your schedule directly on your thermostat, or by using your thermostat's mobile app or web portal.

What is the difference between Nest Seasonal Savings and Resideo Connected Savings?

Seasonal Savings is Nest's proprietary program to optimize Nest thermostats. Connected Savings works on several connected thermostats, such as thermostats manufactured by ecobee, Honeywell and Emerson. Both Seasonal Savings and Connected Savings have their own way of optimizing their respective thermostats, but both work to reduce HVAC run times and reduce your energy costs.

Can I unenroll from BGE's Thermostat Optimization Program?

If you have a Nest thermostat, you can choose to override the temperature set by BGE's Thermostat Optimization Program by simply changing the temperature. If you'd like to stop participating in BGE's Thermostat Optimization Program, you can navigate your thermostat to SETTINGS > ENERGY PROGRAMS > Seasonal Savings and select STOP.

If you have a non-Nest thermostat, you can override the temperature set by Connected Savings by simply changing the temperature. If you’d like to stop participating in BGE's Thermostat Optimization Program, you can unenroll at any time by either calling 1.877.685.7377 or emailing BGESmartThermostat@icf.com.

What are Virtual Energy Assessments?

Virtual Energy Assessments are a simple way to use your thermostat data to uncover potential inefficiencies in energy use. Using a combination of thermostat, weather, and energy consumption data, algorithms are used to determine intelligent suggestions on how to improve comfort and lower energy costs. By participating in the thermostat optimization program, after each heating and cooling season, you’ll have the added benefit of receiving customized recommendations of measures you can take to improve your comfort and lower your energy costs.

What if my thermostat isn't listed?

If your thermostat is not listed, you are not currently eligible for the thermostat optimization program. If you would like to receive updates when additional thermostats are eligible, select 'My device brand is not listed' within the Connected Savings Portal and enter your contact information.

Does my thermostat have to stay connected to Wi-Fi?

BGE's Thermostat Optimization Program relies on being able to communicate with your thermostat, which requires a Wi-Fi connection. While temporary outages may not have significant impacts, your thermostat must remain connected to your home's Wi-Fi to achieve the full benefits of BGE's Thermostat Optimization Program.

Will you be sharing my thermostat data?

BGE treats all customer data as confidential and will only share the thermostat data with BGE hired vendors specific to implementing the Thermostat Optimization program. For evaluation, measurement & verification purposes, your thermostat data may be used in aggregate for reporting purposes. For further details, please refer to the Smart Thermostat Optimization Terms and Conditions under the Owner's Certification section.